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“It’s amazing.”

Last night, the Pulitzer had its Thursday evening hours, 6-9PM.  Even though it was drizzling on and off, a fair amount of people showed up to see Dan Flavin’s work and The Light Project. Groups of people stood outside watching Crystal World, questioning what exactly they were looking at.

Curatorial Update: Testing the Projection

This week Ann arrived from Copenhagen to see her outdoor installation of Crystal World (After J. G. Ballard) for the first time on site at the Pulitzer. So much has happened since Ann’s visit to St. Louis last winter, and many decisions were made long distance. Although Crystal World has been exhibited in Sao Paolo, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Amsterdam, the Light Project marks the first time the work is screened outdoors (it is also the first time that the work has been shown in North America). To create an image resolution sharp enough to overcome ambient light at the site, the two-channel piece had to be completely re-rendered by Ann’s technicians in Sweden and special, discontinued hard drives had to be found to run the programs. Elise Hall handled the complex logistics, and Steve Morby and Tim Shook did a remarkable job building state of the art vaults and fine tuning the projectors.

Crystal World is part of a series of works that Ann has made inspired by science fiction novels and films. Other sources include Ursula Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness and Samuel Delany’s Dhalgren (see these at

Hundreds of people came out for the opening in spite of monsoon rains — a great celebration of an ambitious project.

Steve and Tim prepare to move the massive vault lids:

Steve places the lid after adjusting a projector:

Ann, Steve and Matthias consider the placement:

Checking the images:

Sebastian Hungerer drops by:

Color bars and text:

Ann and Tim getting it right:

A long view down Spring Avenue shows CHORUS in the Spring Avenue Church and Crystal World:

Projection Test 1

On the evening of Labor Day, Crystal World had its first run-through on the side of the Pulitzer. Ann Lislegaard and curator Robin Clark both expressed being happy with the results.

This is Heavy

Thursday afternoon, labor continued on Crystal World.

Now with Vents

Venting has been added to Ann Lislegaard’s concrete vaults.  Every time we look out there, the installation crew is busy working on that site.  I hope to get an update with further details on the progress soon (if I can corner a crew member long enough to interrogate them!).